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Paganini Rockstar, Genova fino al 10 marzo 2019

Genoa, Paganini’s native town, dedicates to this great maestro a show that highlights first of all his revolutionary character.

Talent, virtuosity, performance, look, the ability to be a highly recognizable character and one able to raise enthusiasm in the audience: all these features are to be found in Paganini’s artistic and biographical life as well as in  the lives of today’s rockstars.

This is why the comparison with Jimi Hendrix and other contemporary characters does not seem too rash.

Their stories weave together and form the paradigm of the making of the artist’s myth.

This show is a story that stages Paganini, with his original manuscripts, together with contemporaneity with Jimi Hendrix’s stage costumes, Roberto Bolle’s exclusive performance based on Capriccio 24, but also with the video contributions of exceptional testimonials such as Morgan, Salvatore Accardo, Gianna Nannini and Ivano Fossati.

The show is under the care of Roberto Grisley, Raffaele Mellace and Ivano Fossati.

The setup and multimedia project are by NEO – Narrative Environment Opera in Milan.