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Exhibition Design is:
Setting up, Exhibiting, Showing.

Exhibition Design is a setting which is characterized by a plurality of languages and tools, targeted on exhibiting a product, an object, a concept related to the public in a given space-time context.

Exhibition Design is: setting up, exhibiting, showing. It is physically the building of a space of relationship. A set-up act aimed at giving expression to a communication wish or need.

It is communicating in space.

The purposes of this communication may be different: didactic, commercial, illustrative, cultural, promotional, persuasive. Its fields of application countless: trade fairs, exhibitions, showrooms, museum exhibit design, retail, points of sale and major urban events. Exhibition Design: the art of Exhibiting, of showing something, everything.

Art focused on showing what we should not see in other ways. A complex project aimed to giving shape and contents to a tale.

Exhibition Design: The art of begin relationships between a place, a space to set up, “objects” to show and a set up project, the “machine”, the exhibiting equipment. Exhibition Design is an “artifice” to put what we want to show in the center of attention.

Exhibition Design is developing the best ideas and techniques to guarantee to an object the possibility of being understood from the audience. IDEA represents the excellence of Exhibition Design and it gathers the best professionals.