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MASTER IDEA in Exhibition Design_Architettura dell’Esporre

IDEA Association has always been very active in promoting Exhibition Design culture.

In 2007, consistently with this target, Idea started with Politecnico di Milano Master IDEA in Exhibition Design_Architettura dell’Esporre project, for creating designers with a cultured and dynamic professionalism.

A high professionalizing Master thanks to the intensive didactic structure which develops in three training modules, the first theoretical, intends to supply the main survey principles and the working method, the second mainly applicative, with workshop in Museums, Exhibitions and retail fields and the third with stages focused on the working world.

A Highly professionalizing Master, thanks also to the extraordinary standard of the teachers involved (most of them IDEAS’s Associated) undoubtedly among the most prominent professionals in this field, of international renown, such Karima Azzabi, Paolo Baldessari, Roberto Benfenati, Luca Cendali, Paolo Cesaretti, Alessandro Colombo, Michele De Lucchi, Maurizio Di Puolo, Perla Gianni Falvo, Ugo La Pietra, Carlo Malerba, Ico Migliore, Francesco Murano, Francesca Murialdo, Franco Origoni, Roberto Priori, Franco Rolle, Cristiana Vannini.

Important Institutions and companies Cooperate from the first edition to ensure quality and efficacy to the internship, such as MART in Rovereto, Triennale in Milan, Crea International, Slowfood, Studio Angelo Jelmini, Studio Baldessari e Baldessari, Studio Carmadesign, Studio Migliore+Servetto, Studio NEO [Narrative Environments Operas], Studio Origoni Steiner, Studio Storage, Studio VCA, Until now, 120 students, coming from Belgium, Bolivia, Brasil, Cile, Cipro, Colombia, South Corea, Costarica, Greece, India, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Perù, Portugal, Dominican Repuibblic, Russia, Serbia, Thailand, Turkey, attended Master Idea and many of them are employed in Exhibition design.