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Idea Associazione Italiana Exhibition Designers, wants to promote the culture of
Exhibition Design

IDEA has been established in Milan on 30th March 2006 by Pierluigi Cerri, Carlo Forcolini, Carlo Malerba, Mario Mastropietro, Dario Milana, Anna Olwska Piotrowski, Franco Origoni e Roberto Priori to represent the Exhibition Design professionals and to enhance the design quality of this very particular profession.

A crowded and “paced” profession that is anyway in need of some “basic rules”fit to endorse clients and users in term of professionalism, ethical standards and design quality IDEA intends to promote Exhibition Design with printing, seminars, conferences, meetings, exhibitions and educational activities of international renown.

Coherent with the target of promoting Exhibition Design culture, Idea wastes its effort in Education, organizing with Politecnico di Milano, Master IDEA in Exhibition Design_Architettura dell’Esporre.