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From 5th December, 2015 to 28th February, 2016 Museo del Novecento stages

Licalbe Steiner, partisan designers

This monographic exhibition is dedicated to the two designers who, together with intellectuals Vittorini and Calvino, were the protagonists and interpreters of the Italian post-war cultural renaissance.


This exhibition, curated by Anna Steiner, celebrates, on the 70th anniversary of the Italian Liberation, the Steiners and their civil commitment that started during the Resistance.

The course of the exhibition goes back over the production of Studio L.A.S right from their first works, from 1939 to the Liberation and the journey to Mexico (1946-1948), by a number of records of design and photographic research, publishing, advertising and staging, brands, product packaging, posters and design of a civil commitment, professional training.


Their biography is reconstructed through the precious material that Lica and Albe preserved in time, protecting it from wars, destructions and travels, the witness of their history and their “intellectual” unity that has turned them into one identity, so much so that to everybody they have become “Licalbe”.

The exhibits are the contribution of “Archivio Albe e Lica Steiner” of Politecnico di Milano and the Studio Origoni-Steiner’s private collection.


Licalbe Steiner, grafici partigiani
Licalbe Steiner, partisan designers