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NEO designs the Argenina Pavilion at ExpoAstana2017

Freely inspired by the futuristic scenery of Fritz Lang's masterpiece "Metropolis", the Argentina Pavilion for ExpoAstana2017 is conceived as a unitary space consisting of three large immersive "generators" in which the three main themes are developed: Primal Energy, Creative Energy and Argentina candidacy for Expo2023. The connective space is conceived as a rest area characterized by a synchronized program of lights that animates the exterior facades of the generators as if they were loaded with energy. The pavilion wants to stage the potential of natural, renewable and traditional resources, which requires an high degree of creativity and wisdom from man in order to be used in a sustainable way.


Concept and design: NEO [narrative Environments Operas]
Realizzazione: VILLANI&CO
Media contets: NOS