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The TUTTO PONTI exhibition at Musée des Arts Décoratifs offers a wide retrospective of the work of Gio Ponti, a complex character, milanese and cosmopolitan at the same time, and brings out his deep ties with France. An architect, designer, artist, journalist and editor. His many-sided and complex figure, both Milanese and cosmopolitan, is toldiin an involving way thanks also to the passion of the curators, Salvatore Licitra, Gio Ponti’s grand-son and the director of the Ponti archives and Sophie Bouilhet-Dumas, the grand-daughter of Tony Bouilhet, the owner of Christofle, whom Gio Ponti met in Paris in the 20s, when he was the creative director of Richard Ginori. This encounter marked the beginning of a life-long professional co-operation and friendship.

The setting, by Willemotte & Associés, is quite effective and affords a clear and powerful reading of Ponti’s prolific production by the use of a five-section path that unfolds full height in the main hall where, along with furnishings and design items, big architectural projects are presented, the Pirelli building, among others, and a part reconstruction of the Taranto Cathedral. The final part of the path proposes the reconstruction of some famous projects, from Ange Volant,  an Italian villa near Paris  commissioned by Tony Bouilhet, to the Montecatini buildings in Milan, together with Villa Planchart in Caracas. The exhibition is enriched by several period films.

The graphics and signs project is by Italo Lupi, the graphics and communication project is by BETC.

Up to 5th May at MAD Paris. Not to miss.