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Alda Merini e Alberto Casiraghy

Casa Museo Boschi Di Stefano dal 2 ottobre

The Boschi Di Stefano House Museum is hosting the exhibit “ALDA MERINI AND ALBERTO CASIRAGHY” dedicated to celebrate the intense, intellectual and artistic friendship between the poet Alda Merini and the printer-poet-artist-editor, Alberto Casiraghy, who was from Brianza. The exhibit is part of the celebrations being held on the tenth anniversary of Merini’s death on November 1st, 2009. More than one hundred small books are exposed on the shelves on the second floor of the gallery, tied together by a thin rubber band wiring, creating a sort of conceptual cage, to show how the two artists were connected by the strength of poetic and artistic freedom.


Set up designed by architect Cristiana Vannini and supervision by Andrea Tomasetig.


Opened from October 2nd to November 2nd, 2019.


The exhibit is promoted by the Assessorato alla Cultura of Milano and Boschi Di Stefano House Museum in collaboration with Municipio 3, Boschi Di Stefano Foundation, Elfo Puccini Theatre, and it can be visited thanks to the presence of Italian Touring Club’s volunteers.