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MASTER IDEA. The Workshop about museums and exhibitions setting has finished. First goal reached!

Master IDEA in Exhibition Design has reached its first goal: on Wednesday, 7th March, the 21 students stood and passed the first test concluding a team work for which they faced two ambitious projects simultaneously, for the setup of  museums  and exhibitions .

The workshop led by architects Alessandro Colombo and Franco Origoni dealt with the subject of Greater Brera, in particular the setup for the opening of Palazzo Citterio, where it was devised to arrange a show suitable to exhibit the Vitali, Mattioli and Jesi collections, consisting of the works of artists of Italian ‘900.

The workshop led by Architect Di Puolo, instead, dealt with the setup of the introductory hall of the Ancient Ships’ Museum of Arsenali Medicei of Pisa; this important archeological museum is intended to exhibit the largest discovery in the Mediterrenean of ancient ships that were wrecked during seven centuries of floods starting the 2nd century B.C.

The projects will be published in abstract in the section dedicated to the Master on IDEA Associazione Italiana Exhibition Designers website.