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Limes Museum di Aalen

On May 24th, 2019, the inauguration of the new design of the Limes Museum in Aalen, the largest museum in Southern Germany, took place. It was designed by the exhibition designers of ATELIER BRÜCKNER of Stuttgart in collaboration with the Archaeological Museum of  Baden-Württemberg State.

The exhibit recreates the 164 Kilometres of the Limes, situated in the current  Baden-Württemberg. Visitors can choose between two itineraries: on the ground floor they can find a dark space where they can plunge themselves into Roman and Teutons' daily life along the Limes. The first floor instead is dedicated to the study of the ex-border and its meaning in the present day.

The building of the museum, opened in 1964, is located on the ground of an old fort of Roman cavalry situated about five Kilometres south of the ancient border of Limes. The exhibit emphasises the connection with the old site and tells its story.


The Roman Limes is the longest monument in Europe. As of 2005, the Upper Germanic Limes is a World Heritage Site and along with the Hadrian and Antonine walls in the United Kingdom, is part of the Transboundary World Heritage Site "Frontiers of the Roman Empire".