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Lightmorphing. From Sign to scenery

Onground Gallery in Seoul, Souht Korea, hosts the solo exhibit "Lightmorphing. From Sign to scenery" of the Migliore+Servetto Architects studio. The exhibit shows the studio design approach, by focusing on the search of the relation between space, light and emptiness.


Various projects are displayed in three sections:  “Red Light Architecture”, the first section, features 16 authentic sketches, made by the architect Ico Migliore, in which red light is suggested as the perceptive medium between the real space and the represented space; the second section shows different site-specific installations made with i-Mesh material. In the last room of the exhibit, through a video installation and a series of artworks, are installations made from around the world by the architects’ studio, based on the concept of lightmorphing.


The exhibition is supported by the Italian Cultural Institute in Seoul, NOROO and i-Mesh companies, and it has the Patronage of the Italian Embassy in South Korea.


From May 22nd until June 29th at Onground Gallery, Seoul